Good morning!


This day will have multiple posts, so check back.


It’s currently just about 5 am and I’ve been up for an hour. Today’s schedule is as follows:

breakfast 7:30

Meet in the fireside room with our class instructors at 8:30, bring new leash and treat pouch with about a cup of kibble.

There will be Juno obedience and guide work. for people who don’t know what that is, it’s the trainers holding the leash or harness as we practice giving obedience and guide commands, learning corrections ad such. There will also be a pace assessment so they can be sure they are matching us with dogs who fit our preferred walking speed. There will also be a fire drill somewhere in the morning.

Meeting to discuss receiving our dogs at 11:30

Lunch at 12:30

Receive our dogs at 1:30 PM! yayayayayayay!!!!!!


Post dog receiving:

spend time with our dogs, then practice obedience and a little guide work.

dinner 5:30

after dinner a meeting aobut something I’ve already forgotten. oops, have to listen to the schedule again. Oh yeah, the water, relieving and feeding schedule for the dogs. lol.

Last dog relieving at 8:30 and then the evening is ours.

There will be other discussions during the day but I forgot the list.


Let me describe the room. This used to be a double room, but now all rooms are single. so it has two entrances, two closets, sets of drawers, desks sinks and back doors. There is one bathroom with the shower and toilet.


When you come in the room to the right is a set of shelves. When I arrived they already held a roll of paper towels, a laundry bag, a small bin with kibble for the dog, a grooming pouch with dog brushes and such thing. Beyond that is a low set of drawers, the top one has a lock. I have my clothes in the drawers with my meds and wallet and things in the locking drawer. Problem is I can’t get the damn key out of the lock!


Keep moving forward and there is a desk tot he right. It’s a little high for me and the chair is a little low, so my arms hurt from trying to type without touching the mouse pad. I need and external keyboard! Keep walking straight and you run into the bed. A double bed and a little shelf above the pillows at the head of the bed. level with the pillows.


On the opposite of the room, there are sheves and drawers to match but no bed. In the closet is a small refrigerator. there is also a recliner and a bean bag so you could cuddle up with your dog there or sit and read with your dog on the beanbag beside you.


outside the external doors are a patio area and a relieving are where we will take the dogs in the second week of training. In the first week, we’ll all go to a central location to relieve so our trainers can assist us.


The dorm itself has an exercise room, a snack room with a microwave and soda and snack machines, a library with braille and audio books, a music room, several rooms to hang out and socialize with classmates, the dining room of course. it’s huge and beautiful.


I think that’s it for now. I’ll be back sometime later today. Oh by the way, my breakfast will be, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, fruit and toast I think. mmmm.