I am now sitting in my rooim, waiting for the instructors to bring my dog to me. I know nothing about the dog yet.


So, what we did this morning. We met together and got to be introduced to our class instructors. We have a great team. We talked about the schedule for the day, and about things like food rewards, obedience and guide work commands and tecniques for handling any issues. Then we each went out with the person who will be our primary instructor to practice heeling the dogs and afew issues like goiong through doors, correcting with a techniques called time out. The instructors carry a rolled up dog rug and put a collar and leash on it. That is know as juno.


We had a break and then met up again for a pace assessment and guide work exercise. April, my instructor tried to simulate my dog’s pace, and it felt good, so I think we will do well.


After that we had a fire drill, ugh, and then a discussion of how we will meet our dogs.


We will receive our dogs in our rooms, and later we’ll all meet together to introduce our new partners to our classmates.


New Dog could be here any minute!!!!


oh for lunch I had a grilled cheese on sour dough. and kim, my buddy, friend, partner in crime, person who has seen  me through so much and actually still likes me, she sat at my table and we had a great time chatterin.


And now, we all get to wait to find out who new dog will be.


Hang in there!