Hey everyone,


I’m here; I’m here!


I’m so tired, but relaxing in my room now.


I stayed at my friends last night and slept on their couch so I didn’t sleep

well. Not until their cat came and curled up on me purring away. That got me

to sleep finally.


One of my classmates actually lives a stone’s throw from

me, but we’d never known each other before. We were on the same flight and

the flight attendants switched out seats so we could fly together. We are

both nervous fliers so that made it much nicer.


My friendLeota met me at the gate and we had a lovely time together. Her dog Flyer, a now retired guide dog she raised,

was with them and he’s adorable. I love him. Wanted to steal him away. We

couldn’t find a restaurant for breakfast that didn’t have lines out the

door, so we just went back to their place and Rob cooked breakfast,

scrambled eggs, hash browns and sausage. And coffee, oh lots and lots of

coffee! it was delicious and exactly what I needed. I was so hungry by then.


And that golden puppy they’re taking care of, she’s so sweet and beautiful.

I never wanted to let her go!


We arrived here at the GDB Oregon campus and I got oriented to my room. Amazing rooms. I’ll describe them later. I met

the the chef and got my dinner order, met the nurse and she took my grocery store order for some coke andsome starbucks frappuccinos. I unpacked, got my network set up on my laptop and iPhone.


We had the meet and greet in what they call the fireside room. We have six students, all retrains. We have five women and one guy in the class. Everyone seems very friendly.


For dinner I had parmesan chicken with linguini and broccoli and homemade

bread. Mmmm. The food here is going to be amazing. and I hate to admit it but way better than the other campus. the chef came in and got our meal orders for the next two days. you’re all gonna drool as you hear about the food. and there’s always a vegetarian option and even options if yu don’t like what’s on the menu.


Later we had the dorm tour. I had been feeling pretty lost at first. I used

to run around the old SR dorm with no cane, but I’m taking that old thing

with me now. But now I’ve had the tour the dorm makes more sense to me.


Now I’m doing email and waiting for the night staff person, to come and

bring me a coffee maker and grab Olga’s harness. And then I’m going to

shower and head for bed! Apparently, they don’t have a student student coffee maker in the snack room anymore, so someone from the dorm staff brings down a carafe at 6, but I’m always up so long before that. they have small pots a student can have in their room, so that’s what she brought me.




I’m so happy to be here.



Abrief note aobut these updates. I can’t get the stupid mouse pad on my laptop to stay turned off, so if the posts are weird sometimes, it could be that this things switches focus without me knowing