I’m sorry people have had to wait so long to hear the news. It’s really been no stop running all afternoon and evening. this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down at the computer, and really all I want to do is sleep.


But enough of that. I know what you really want to know.


my dog is a female golden retriever named Petunia. She is beautiful. She is the more yellow gold color, not the red. She is about 19 months old and stands 23 and 3/4 inches tall. She has a fluffy head and neck and chest and tail. Her coat on her back isn’t as long as some goldens but much longer than a lab. She hs the cutest ears that are kinda long and always cocked back like she’s listening.


I wanted a golden so very much. I had a golden before, and it’s been fifteen years since then. I’ve loved all the labs I’ve had, but a golden was my heart’s desire and I’ve got her.


We practiced heeling, that’s walking up and down the hall and into rooms with the dog walking at our sides, not pulling ahead. They are not guiShe gets excited and wants to pull ahead. We also did a short guiding route on campus.


For people unfamiliar with the process, it will take a while for things to mesh. I’m used to my Olga’s working style, and Petunia is used to her trainer. We have to learn to work with each other, and that can take a while. But I’m pleased with our progress so far.


And wonder of wonders, she’s not super food motivated. so, after a while, she stopped taking food rewards. she didn’t eat all her dinner, and except for at the 5:00 relieving, she hasn’t done her business. I might be getting up in the middle of the night!


She’s now asleep on her bed next to mine. And I’m going to make one  phone call and go to bed.


I’m sorry this is brief. I have so much in my heart, but I need sleep!