I’ve been quiet here, because there wasn’t much to report. Once I had the medical papers submitted to the schools, all I could do is sit back and wait. man, do I ever hate that! I’m the type who feels better when I’m doing *something* to make my goal happen. Sitting back and trying to wait patiently on the decision of others is dreadful. I’d never have worried about it in the past, but after all the changes GDB made last year, I had some serious doubt about whether or not they’d accept me, and of course, with GEB, it’s new to me, so I have no context on which to ponder yes or no.


But yesterday afternoon, my cell phone rang with a 415 area code I know well. it was Thursday; it was Admission Review committee meeting day, and GDB was calling. Thankful I was not on a work call at the moment I answered, sounding cool and relaxed, not a hint of the hope and fear in my gut.


It was admission, calling to tell me I’ve been accepted for retraining!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHAAAAAAARRRRRRRR4GGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! lol, doesn’t quite work as a joyful scream, but it’s an approximation of how I felt! Happy happy happy!


Yes, after thirty-nine years, the idea that GDB might not accept me was like being rejected by family. I would have gone on and been fine with another school, but it would have hurt, a hell of a lot.


Of course, due to my physical situation, I am on the waiting list for the right dog and for in-home training. I need a dog that walks at a fairly slow pace, has good focus at that pace, doesn’t need a lot of correcting and hard handling. I also want a dog with a sweet loving personality with a bit of the goof hidden inside.


In Home training means that instead of going to the school and staying in the dorm for a couple weeks, training there with the dog, an instructor will come here to Colorado, bring the dog to me, and we’ll train in my home area. This is much easier on me physically, and it also means I might be able to work a little in the hours after training–if I’m not too exhausted. we’ll still cover all the things we need to, but by the time the instructor leaves, Newie–that’s short for NewDog–and I will be familiar with this area and will have a solid start to our relationship.


So, wow, yeah, I’m excited! I’ve had in-home training with my past two dogs, and both times, I’ve only had to wait a couple months for them to find the right dog, so I’m hopeful we could be training by summer and well bonded and established before the winter sets in and cuts back the time we can be out walking around.


As for the other school, no answer from them as yet, and of course, now I need to let them know I’ve been accepted by GDB.


Okay, everybody, can you all start hoping, praying, wishing vibe sending and all that good stuff for find the dog quickly and that maybe, just maybe, possibly, fearful of being too hopeful, but perhaps it could maybe be a, a, a, a, *whispers, afraid to say it aloud* a golden retriever. Whew.


And now, I need to start working on finding a new home for Olga. I’d keep her of course if not for Bianca. But I think three dogs is too much to handle. and Bianca is old, thirteen now, and I don’t feel she should be the one to be moved.


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