a quick update here, mostly about olga. I sent a request to the local Boulder area puppy raising club, asking if anyone would like to adopt Olga when she is retired. I was amazed at the response. In a day, I had half a dozen emails or calls. Puppy raisers are incredible! Just one of the many reasons I could never attend a guide dog school that didn’t allow contact with the raisers. even though Olga wasn’t raised here, the raiser family, the overall guide dog family, they are all ready to reach out to the dogs.


So last night I met two interested parties. First was a single woman, 29. she lives alone in her own condo and works at an indoor athletic park. she could bring Olga to work with her. also she has family who are as dog crazy as she, so if she had to go out of town, she has support for Olga. She was very pleasant and friendly and I believe she would give my girl a good home. best of all, Olga flipped over her. Wow, was she ever excited, very un-Olga-like.


Later came a family, mom, dad, 13 year old daughter and ten year old son. They are active raisers, but their daughter wants a forever dog of her own. They also have other interesting pets and brought a ferret to see how Olga would get along with it. I’d never met a ferret before and I got to hold it for a minute. Cute, very cute, and now when I read Harrty Potter descriptions of Draco Malfoy’s pointed face and ferret looks, I understand it better. They are a wonderful family, warm and friendly. They home school and the mom doesn’t work outside the home, so again, it would be another ideal set up for Olga. But she didn’t seem to warm up to them as well. she was more subdued during their visit. Maybe just tired after all her excitement the other meeting. who knows?


I have two more people to meet on Saturday. everyone knows that this won’t happen until I have a class date and am ready to retire Olga. I just hope I make the best choice for my girl.


As for NewDog, nothing on that story yet. I’ve received my official acceptance letter, class lecture material and contract. Of course, since they are looking for the right dog for me, it could happen tomorrow or six months from now. Oops, don’t want six months from now because I want to train and be settled well before winter.


so, that’s the latest! Keep your thoughts and prayers coming for Olga’s retirement and for NewDog to come sooooon!!