Okay, so it’s not a great start. I did 1375 words yesterday. and I forgot to update my stats on http://www.nanowrimo.org. boo. I just did it. To be fair to myself, I did a lot of editing yesterday of previously written material for this story. man, once upon a time, I really thought I was a great writer, but when I read what I’d done on this six years ago, I cringe. The story was great, but in the technical sense, I’ve improved a hell of a lot since then. Thank the Lord for fan fiction and learning my craft in that environment. And for writing Haven which is still my labor of love. So, it’s all good. If I finish the editing today, I’ll count those words in my word count because it’s like rewriting everything, from a complete change in character names, to all the dialog and narrative. Yikes. Damn this is fun!