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I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here. Judy, Olga’s new mom, let me know a couple weeks ago that Olga has developed arthritis. For anyone who forgot, Olga is my just retired guide dog. She had her physical in February, and there was no indication of arthritis then. I feel pretty sad about though thankful I retired her when I did. After all, I’ve lived with the pain of arthritis all my life and I’d never want my dog to live with it and have to keep pulling into the harness. I’m so thankful Olga has such a wonderful new home. Judy and Jim are devoted to her. Judy tells me she’s already completely attached to Olga after just three weeks or so. I’m thankful. But my heart feels sad that I might have missed symptoms and might have made Olga work even longer than she should have. do have to say though, she had no trouble hopping on my bed. lol. I miss her a lot. all my dogs leave of piece of themselves in my soul, and Olga is no exception. Bless her and keep her happy and well.