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Status update. This is embarrassing, and I blush as I type, but here goes. Some people have asked about the status of the fundraiser and my finances. I’m so grateful to all those who have given so far. You don’t know what it means. But I’m a long way from out of the woods quite yet. I still have several major bills to pay off, totaling around 3000 dollars, plus trying to put some aside in savings in case of emergencies with Petunia, my condo or me. I’ve been sick this week, but with no medical insurance and no savings, I can’t go to a doctor. Fortunately, I’m better now, that’s just an example of the way I’m living on the edge. I worry about something major going wrong with the condo, or even something minor, and not having the funds for it. I just worry all the time, not sleeping well, stomach constantly in knots. Yeah, I’m a worrier. If I could pay off the other bills, I’d be able to breathe a little easier.

And even more craziness happened. I have two bank accounts. One of them was only used for the deposits from SSA, the disability money. Before I knew it had been stopped, I had my comcast bill automatically debited from that account. As soon As I realized what had happened, I changed it, but the first time I changed it, comcast didn’t make the change in their records. Thankfully, that is changed now. However, that account was overdrawn 100 something dollars. Someone sent me a check and I used the iPhone app for this particular bank to deposit that check in that account, to cover the overdraft and to have it there for an emergency. We got confirmation from the app that the deposit went through. So, this weekend, I went to the app, and then to the web site to check the balance in that account, and both places said I had no accounts. I just about fainted. I have three linked accounts there and have had them for years. I never got a call or email about it, and if they sent print mail, well, you know, I can’t read that. So, I looked around on the web site, and there was a message from them saying the deposit hadn’t worked. But still there was no info about my accounts being closed. And why would they close them, when I’ve had them for years and never had anything like this happen before? Of course, it was Saturday evening, so I couldn’t do anything about it. Going after work tomorrow to try to get it all straightened out and get the accounts restored. Praying they don’t’ charge me some ridiculous amount to do this or it will just eat up what I was trying to deposit! I really feel like I can barely take any more of this. I’m at my wits end!

So, if you can give, thank you. If not, if you can share the link, thank you, and share it again if you remember it. If you can only send prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes, thank you. I truly mean it and thank you with all my heart. Here’s the link again.