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I believe it was Kalil Gibran writing in his book the Prophet, who said, “Your friend is your need answered.” I read that book years ago and was moved by several of the entries, but the one that touched me the most was the entry on friendship.

over the years, as romances came and went, as jobs came and went, as I lived in one place or another, as I lost touch with family members or lost forever family menbers, the relationships that have stuck no matter what, were the friends in my life.

Friends, true friends, are the ones who stick by you no matter what. Through thick and thin, through sorrow and joy, through ups and downs, through all the stupid things I’ve done, there have been friends who have never faltered. The Bible in Proverbs says there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother, and I have known that as an absolute fact too many times to count.

So, recently, I have come under a terrible financial crisis. I’ve been sleepless, not eating, constantly worried. How would I pay my bills, what would I do if something in my condo broke down, what if one of the animals got sick? What if I got sick, since I don’t have medical insurance, how will I buy groceries … and on and on and on. Well, a group of very special women, wonderful incredible true friends surrounded me with their love and genuine goodness and put together a fundraiser to try to help me, to try to raise enough money for me to pay off some bills and be able to get ahead of the game so I can live safely on my salary. I’m blown awy by their generosity, their commitment their desire and effort to help. There’s nothing in the world that can say what they mean to me for this. I’ll post a link where you can read about it and help, if you want. But at least you can say a blessing on these ladies!

Friendship, a blessing from God that withstands everything that comes along. They’re there when nobody else is. They hold you up when you can’t do it yourself. they walk through the fires of hell at your side. They make you laugh and they share your tears. I’m so thankful for all my friendships and all they have brought. I pray I can be the same kind of friend to them.

Here’s the link to the fundraiser, but even if you don’t want to help there, take a moment to acknowledge your friends and say thank you.