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Book Review, The Bone Whistle
Book 6 of the Gateway Chronicles
By K. B. Hoyle

From the time I read the first book in this series, The Six, I have been eagerly awaiting, as well as somewhat dreading, this last book in the series. Awaiting it, to discover the answers and ultimate outcome. Dreading it, fearing the age old questions, who would survive. And dreading the end of something that has captivated and thrilled me from the first chapter of the first book.

At the end of book five, Darcy’s parents have come to believe she’s into something bad and have told her they are moving away, and that she will not be returning to Cedar Cove Family Camp the following summer. As this book opens, we see Darcy and the showdown with her parents. Darcy knows she absolutely must get to Cedar Cove, so that she and the rest of the Six can get to the gateway and hopefully save Alitheia from the evil that has been trying to destroy it. She ends up telling her parents the truth and they believe she is suffering from some kind of mental illness. Well, who wouldn’t think that? If I had had children and my teenager came and told me a story about gateways into another world I would likely think she’d been smoking something she shouldn’t, had been watching or reading too much fantasy or had a mental illness. But nothing can stop Darcy. She must get there, must find out if her beloved Tellius is alive and must fulfill the destiny of her and the others to save Alitheia at last.
After eluding her parents, Darcy drives alone from Tennessee to Cedar Cove. She is late and she doesn’t know if her friends have crossed over or not. Next thing she knows, she’s waking up in Alitheia, bloody and wounded and not remembering a thing. And this at last is how the final story, the final battle begins. No more spoilers from now on.
I adored this book. It was everything I’d hoped for in the final adventure of this series. All the questions introduced in the first book come to satisfying conclusions, all the answers are there.
What does that prophecy mean?
How are all the messages from the Oracle connected?
Will Colin be redeemed or lost forever?
What will happen to Darcy and the others once their Quest is completed for good or ill?
At last we learn the truth of the prophecy, and the only way the world can be saved. We are reunited with beloved characters, those we have come to know and love. We learn the tasks the six and ultimately Darcy must accomplish. There is adventure, romance and danger. The themes of friendship, love and sacrifice ring strong and true. No great task can be accomplished without great sacrifice and the Bone whistle is no exception to that rule.
And I loved it, every single word, until the last two, the end.
The Six have grown into very special young men and women. Their bonds of friendship and trust have only deepened. Their maturity is beyond their physical years in our world. Their commitment to saving Alitheia and completed their mission is unbroken and enduring. I fell in love with them all over again. And especially Darcy, who has grown from the shy spoiled socially awkward girl we first met all the way back at the start, becoming this true heroine. She is ready to step boldly into her role, to do what must be done. I alternately cheered and wept for her and felt incredibly proud.
If you have followed this series, you will not be disappointed in this last volume. I felt deeply satisfied, full and content. Yes, I wish there would be more, more books, or short stories to show us the characters we love, but realistically, they have reached their finish, come out where they all needed to be. If you’ve never started this series, I encourage you to give it a try. I only wish it was available in more formats, particularly audio, so everyone could have a chance to meet the characters, to visit Alitheia, to learn about day and night Narks and to lose themselves for a little while in the beautiful land of Alitheia and the adventures of the Six.
A most definite five out of five stars and all the praise I can heap on the author and this series. I could babble on endlessly trying to find words to say what the series has meant to me, so I’ll just say, go forth and read. You won’t be sorry.
Thank you, K B Hoyle. And farewell for now to Darcy, Sam, Perry, Lewis, dean and Amelia. And oh yeah, my favorite, dear Yahto Veli. I shall miss you all and will start over at book one and read of your exploits again and again.