Well, I’d hoped to update long before this, but wouldn’t ya know it, I’ve been pretty sick ever since I got home. Damn airplanes anyway! Just another reason why I hate flying. This was the worst thing I’ve had since I stopped working in an office. I mean, after all, when you work from home, you’re not exposed to all the sick people who insist on going to work, even when they aught to stay home and not infect others. It’s a problem in our country that we still have in spite of all the studies showing how germs are spread around the office. Our ame5rican work ethic after all.


Anyway, Due to my illness and then Petunia becoming ill, we’ve only had one good workout since getting back from training, and that was the day after getting home. My friend remembered an alternate route to the coffeeshop, and now we didn’t have to cross at that bad dangerous intersection. There is actually a pedestrian underpass that goes down below and across Airport Road. this is a very family oriented neighborhood and I guess they put in the underpass to make it safer for familes with children. Anyway, it makes the route longer but much safer. Joylene walked it with us. tuney was pretty good, much like the beginning of our training. New place and all that. so, she was a bit tentative at first, especially on her curb approaches. and she was very very sniffy. We walked the route and stopped at the coffeeshop for a latte.


On the way home, I was feeling exhausted and the beginnings of the illness were hitting me, so I asked Joylene to do sighted guide across the bad intersection since that is the shortest route home. We timed it. the light cycle lasts about 22 seconds, and we were still half a dozen steps from the upcurb when the light changed. definitely not safe. Once we were across I had Petunia work again, and she did very well. And the coolest thing, she almost targeted my gate to my yard! She was heading for it when she got distracted by a parked car, but I think she would have gone to the gate if not for that.


After that, I was sick sick sick. ugh. I haven’t even been back to work yet and I’m freaking out about that. three weeks with no pay. I’m going to be hurting so badly in June. Even now, I am still coughing a lot and a little stuffy, but the sore throat is gone and the voice is back, so I can go back to work tomorrow. sigh.


Thursday nnight, Petunia started throwing up. I had us all shut in my bedroom but had left her off her tie-down to see how she did. Oops. now there are several little spots on the rug. Must get carpet cleaners in this summer. all the dogs have now christened the new carpet! Anyway, I didn’t feed her Friday morning just to let her stomach rest. but she didn’t eat that night or Saturday morning. so, off to the vet we went yesterday. sick human and sick dog. She’d already lost three pounds since she was weighed at GDB, and she really doesn’t need to lose anymore! She definitely had some bacteria in her gut, so she’s on a bland, chicken and rice diet for a few days, plus meds for the next week. The meds are extremely bitter, so she’s getting a glob of peanut butter to help get them down her. But she’s already feeling better I thin and not throwing up or having diarrhea anymore.


Tomorrow, Joylene and I will try to work the route again and Tuesday as well. Lauren from GDB will be here Wednesday, and I can only hope that my bosses won’t kill me for needing to take a couple hours off midday to work with her!


As for Petunia overall, she is a joy. she is sweet and obedient in the house. I’ve been letting her move around off leash quite a bit and letting her out in the yard. at night I still put her on tie-down, but once she’s well I may stop doing that. Not sure yet. she’s finally stopped trying to engage Bianca in play. Bianca is just too old to want anything to do with Tuney, but they seem to have developed the same sort of thing as Bianca and olga, just ignore each other and accept that I will give attention to both!


Keep us in your prayers. I must get well. the cough is hanging on, usual with me, and I can’t miss more work. Tuney and I need to be getting out and walking together to keep her from getting rusty and to help strengthen our bond.


Nothing much else is going on. Life will probably start settling into normal stuff once I’m finally back to work!