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I’m here in my dorm room, unable to sleep, freaking out over the trip home.


Graduation was nice. since my girl’s raisers didn’t come, it was kind of strange for me. Normally, you meet your raisers an hour or so before graduation. you get to see your dog go nuts and hear wonderful stories. since Petunia’s weren’t there, I just stayed in my room and read.


The graduation is a simple ceremony, with some videos about guide dogs and then a presentation of the grads and dogs. Afterward, my friend Mary and her husband had attended, so we hung out in my room and talked about an hour or so. It was great to see her again.


Last night, I just finished packing and that was really it.


But toda, I’m supposed to fly home from Denver. and it’s supposed to snow at home. Will we be able to fly out? Will the arrival into Denver be horrible due to the weather? I hate flying as it is and now I’m totally worried and scared. wish I had a tranquilizer! What will happen if we can’t fly out? what if we can’t get home? where do we go? As Richard Dreyfuss said int he Goodbye Girl, I am freaking petrified!


So, if anyone reading this believes in prayer, please pray for safe smooth travel and a nice trip home today.


and don’t worry. just because training has ended, doesn’t mean I won’t still be posting. Tuney Tails will continue, along with whatever else happens along.