I don’t have a lot to say this morning. Yesterday was a very casual day. We did a route in a park in the morning, cement path around a duck pond. Tuney was crazy distracted and it was an act of futility trying to get her to focus. I mean she would for a minute or two but then she’d be distracted again.


After the park, we went to the mall. I made a mistake at the park by not relieving Petunia before we left, after all that excitement, I should have known better. At the mall, I wanted to go to find a counter for Origins to get some ginger soufflé cream and perfume. Love that stuff. But we ran out of time. before looking for that I stopped somewhere else and got a couple new bracelets. One is all colors, rainbow with round stones separated by beads. The other is a green color with different shaped pieces on it, feeling smooth like glass. I also got a little necklace for my classmate and something for a friend back home.


Tuney had an accident in the mall, which was decidedly my fault for not relieving her at the park! I’m not worried abut it.


After lunch, we had a meeting about graduation. We also got our packets, a huge binder of info. I don’t know how I’m going to pack that thing. They give us so much extra stuff, the binder, the grooming bag, the booties, the mat for the dogs to sleep on, extra dog food, a tie dow and on and on. How do they expect us to pack it all?


I got most of my clothes packed last night and now after graduation I can finish and try to get it all in there!


Today will be a hectic day and I don’t know if I’ll be able to post or not. If not, it will be after I get home tomorrow. and believe me, I can’t wait to be home!