It was a short day for Petunia and me yesterday. I was not feeling well, my old stomach trouble. I did the morning route to the starbucks. That was a lot of fun. We used the clicker to teach Petunia to target a specific pole. This will be helpful perhaps in teaching her to find the light pole I’ll need for that one crossing. She had so much fun with the clicker again. It’s a fun game and makes me laugh to see how much she enjoyed it.


Afterward, my stomach was so bad that I didn’t do the afternoon route. As soon as we got back to campus, I rushed to my room and was ill. it was not pleasant! The nurses helped me out and took good care of me. I pretty much slept the rest of the day, just getting up to take care of tuney’s needs.


I am feeling better today, stomach still burning a bit but not nauseated.


This morning we go to a park and the mall! You know I’m up for some shopping!


We’re at the home stretch now. after this morning, no more workiouts. Graduation is tomorrow and Sunday I go home with my girl. I can’t wait to go home! I miss my beanie–Bianca that is–my bed, my shower, my rocking chair, my yard, my carpet, my windows, my couch. my other clothes, my pillows, my speakers, my … okay, I just miss being home in my condo, Haven cottage!