The morning workout was back to downtown Portland. Petunia did even better than she has done. Most of her curb approaches were right where they should be. She wasn’t distracted much, except by one child. She seemed very confident and responsive, tail out and wagging happily. I felt as confident and sure as I had the day before. and our mutual positivity ran up and down the leash to each oter, giving us both even more confidence.



In the afternoon, we drove out to the airport to do a trial ru through security. There were a couple of TSA instructors there, and they asked us to rate our experience afterward. It was just like going through security, so I got the usual pat down. Ugh. But the person was professional. Petunia loved the airport. She liked the new environment. There are all kinds of people and smells and fun things to see after all. She led me through it beautifully.



On the way back to campus, we stopped at an area with a rounded corner so I could practice a little with Petunia, to prepare me for the corner I have at home with the light and the major intersection. It was just a brief intro, but it was good to do it a little.

Keith talked with me a lot about how to teach Petunia about the crossing at Nelson and Airport, a major intersection I must cross to get to the coffeeshop in my area and to other destinations. He looked it up on google and didn’t really seem to like what he saw. It is tricky because you have to go around the corner, find the light pole then turn around and get oreinted to cross, all before the light changes. I find the return trip even more confusing. He wants me to do a lot of patterning to the crossing, do some timing of the light cycle and how long it takes me to get across, that kind of thing. He’s also arranged for an instructor to come out and work with us a bit, but they won’t be there until around the 21st, so of course, I need to be working Petunia a lot before that day. sigh.

Last night I received a call from Petunia’s puppy raiser. She will not be able to come to graduation. I’m disappointed, but since she lives in Colorado, we’ll meet in a month or two I think. she seems very nice and she is thrilled that Petunia is graduating.


Sunday is going to be a long long day. I’m glad I’m not going back to work till Tuesday, and I wish I’d given it o

ne more day even.

i’ll probably take a cab home from the airport. It will be frightfully expensive, but after doug’s last shuttle experience, I don’t want to risk waiting three hours for a shuttle and not getting home till after 6 or later. Not with a new dog and all my luggage.




Here’s something fun to write about, the crazy pet names I call Petunia.








Sweet one, Sweetness, and sweety girl


I also call her sweet P and sing the old sixties song to her.


Oh, sweet P, won’t ya guide for me? won’t ya won’t ya won’t ya guide for me?


yep, singing to her already! Are you thinkin I love her? grin.