Monday we went back to downtown but we walked a different route to a different coffeeshop. Petunia started off feeling pretty good I think, and then we had a few curb approach issues and that sort of dampened her spirit a bit. I spent time at the coffeeshop, a starbucks, with the nurse and just relaxed.


Keith took me for the walk back tot he center, and we tried the head collar on Petunia to see if ut would handle her sniffing a bit. It did help a lot actually. But I felt like I made a lot of mistakes, and I felt pretty discouraged when we got back. It’s hard to explain except to say that I feel llike I’m not communicating with her as well as I should be at this time, somehow not motivating her enough, not giving her something she needs. I honestly don’t know if Petunia is bonding to me or coming to like me. She’s working for me, but I’m not sure if she’s doing it because she has to or wants to.


I didn’t do the afternoon route since we had a night route last night, so I just hung out in the center and relaxed. When we got back to campus, April gave my teammate and me a lesson on getting our dogs into airplane seats. I tried making that a sort of game and again Petunia was having a blast. She was wagging and play bowing, eager for her kibble  rather her high value rewards, and was obviously enjoying herself. What is the difference between that and everyday guidework?


I played with her outside for a little bit so she knows I’m fun as well as the one she works for.


last night was the night route. I was feeling pretty bad physically, so we just took a short walk. Petunia did great! Other than a slightly faster pull, her guidework was almost perfect and we felt more like a team than we have some other days. I liked it. But not enough to do the optional route on Thursday!


Today is traffic checs and vet visits and I don’t know what else.


I’m not feeling well, both my irritating stomach issue and my arthritis. So, keep me in yur thoughts and prayers today. stomach makes me not want to eat but the work I’m doing really needs me to eat, and it’s a vicious circle. I’m tired of feeling sick!