Yesterday we went back yo downtown Portland. I went out first and worked to a coffee shop. We had a rough start to the route. We had distractions ont he first corner or two, and that meant a bit of difficulty getting Petunia to focus and pay attention to what she should be doing. ugh. But once that was handled, we had a nice route to the coffeeshop. We’re having a little trouble with curb approaches, either she’s quite hesitant and stops well before the actual downcurb, or she’s run them a little. So we eed to work a bit on that still.


The instructors gave me the option of hanging out in the coffeeshop while they took my team mate out on his route. each instructor has two students and the supervisor works with everyone. So, yeah, no argument from me. I was all up for hanging at a coffeeshop. I had a lovely latte and talked with the nurse the whole time.


Once back at the Portland lounge, or center as they call it. I hung out, ate lunch and got to meet the new CEO. She seems nice but we didn[t get to chat. Pat Glines was escorting her, so he sat at my lunch table and kept us all entertained with his goofiness. He was one of Bianca’s trainers so it was nice to catch up with him.


We did a short route to the coffee shop again and then back tot he van to come back to campus Yesterday was May Day of course, and there are often protests on that day so we got out of Dodge early! yeah, Portland, for those who don’t get the reference to dodge.


Back on campus we had a session of putting booties and head collars on our dogs. For those who want to use escalators, booties are mandatory. Dogs feet can get caught and seriously injured on escalators. I don’t use escalators as I’m pretty scared of them. But the booties are also good for extreme hot or cold weather. Petunia put up with my clumsy efforts putting on the booties. what a champ! she tolerated the head collar too but didn’t seem to like it much and kept rubbing her face on my leg to try to get the darn thing off. But the head collar can be an easier gentle way to help keep the dog focused around distractions, so I’m sure they’re gonna have me work her in it probably today.


My stomach was up to its old tricks the last few days, so I haven’t been eating much. My dinner last night tasted so good, but I knew if I put more in my stomach the problem would just get worse so I didn’t eat. then the chef and then the nurse came to my room to ask if I was ok or wanted something else. but really all I wanted to do was sleep. I slept between dinner and relieving and then went right to bed. We are now relieving our dogs ourtside our rooms.


Anyway, today we are back to Portland with another walk tot he coffee shop and then back to campus I think to start clicker training. Fun day ahead and definitely another latte in my immediate future!

Again, please excuse mistakes. the touch pad still won’t stay off and my arms are at a horrible angle trying to type, so it’s very uncomfortable.