Okay, only one post today because there literally hasn’t been a chance to post before this.  I have American idol playing in the background, but there’s no way I’ll make it to the end. After all, it’s on an hour later here so won’t end till 10. eeek.


Today, it was one run, go here go there and go the next place, with hardly a chance to breathe in between. In the morning we drove to Portland. I went out first in the morning. We walked a nice six to eight block route in downtown to a coffeeshop. Then we went back a little different way to make it a bit of a shorter route. In the afternoon we did the same route again. It was quite warm, definitely over eighty degrees.


Petunia was wonderful Already she is beginning to relax. Her mouth is open and her tail high, sure signs a dog is feeling comfortable. We made a few minor erros and they wer easy to fix or correct.


After that we drove to a store to do some building work and practice moving turns. I bought a cute small like mini backpack. It’s black with multi-colored sequins. It’s just to be able to carry small things on our routes without carrying my huge purse and killing my shoulders.


But it felt like doing three workouts in one day and I was sure hobbling by the time we got back.


But now we get to start working our dogs int he buildings, and I love that. We’ve just been taking them  around on leash here in the dorm. Each little thing we do, walking from my room to the dining room or to the relieving area, having her guide me, builds both our confidence.


And that’s really it for today. sorry this is short but I just don’t have the energy for more  tonight. I plan to try to write more aobut my thoughts for the day tomorrow.Oh, I found out where Petunia was raised. I don’t know if her raisers are going to come to graduation yet, but I know who they are. I won’t post that for now until I know that they know about her being in class.