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I thought it was time for a little check in. Tomorrow I leave for training.


Olga went to her new home on Tuesday. It was sad to see her leave, knowing she’s not coming back to live with me. But I know she’ll be happy in her new life, and that’s what really matters. On Wednesday, I checked with Judy, her new mom, and she said Olga had a good night. They were about to go for a nice long walk and meet some other family members. then they would be off to the pet store to stock up on food and whatever. so, I know Olga is in good hands.


Bianca just left to go to my friend’s house for the two weeks I’m away. I sent her food, her glucosamine and her favorite treatrs, baby carrots! Well, hell, the carrots won’t stay good till I get back anyway. lol. Beanie will be in good hands with Becky.


Now my home is dog free and it feels so weird. I don’t like it.


I’m just about ready for tomorrow. All my clothes are packed. I just have to add my toiletries and electronics. Of course, my laptop will be the last thing I pack before bed tonight. Trying to pack clothes for Oregon when I’m in a spell of beautiful warm weather here has been interesting. The school has rain gear, so I think I’ll use theirs and bring my own jacket or coat for days when it’s cool to cold but not raining. I just can’t bear to pack any sweaters or other warm clothes! I’ve got long pants but mostly short sleeves or three quarter sleeves on the tops.


I had such a meltdown the other day, as I was planning getting to the airport. I truly hate flying. And getting to and going through the airport stresses me so badly I can hardly stand it. I even considered asking the doctor for one tranquilizer just for the trip out. But I’m too damn stubborn for that kind of thing.


Things have worked out through. My friend will drive me to the airport. and I called the TSA cares line to arrange to have an agent meet me and escort me through security and to the gate. Now that we can keep electronics on during the flight, I plan to read during the whole flight and maybe even have something like a mimosa, an acceptable morning alcoholic drink! lol.


another friend is meeting me in Portland at the airport so I won’t have to wait for the people from GDB. we’ll go to breakfast and stuff before heading to campus where I’ll get settled.


And Monday afternoon is dog day! I’m just about counting the hours. lol.


So, keep me in your thotughts and prayers tomorrow as I embark on my journey.