Okay, if you’ve read about Olga’s retirement, I mentioned I had exciting news to share. If you haven’t read about her retirement, please read that post too!


So, I’ve been on the waiting list for the right dog and in home training. But I know it can be hard for them to have staff available for in home training. So, I emailed admissions this week and told them I would be willing to go to class.


Well, today, I got a call from Keith, a class supervisor at the Oregon campus. He told me they have a dog for me, a very special perfect match kind of dog, and can I come to the next class!


Oh did I forget to say that class starts on April 27? Yikes.


What answer did I give Keith? Come on, can ya guess? Three guesses and the first two don’t count!




Oh boy, it’s gonna be just great telling work on Monday. But with my physical needs, the right dog is hard to find, and hwen it’s available I have to go.


So, yes, I’m going to train with my new dog on April 27. I’ll actually meet the dog the next day after working with the instructors for a while, so they can teach me any new commands–or help me break bad long time handler habits and shortcuts. I’ll be there two weeks, graduating on May 10, probably flying home the next day.


have I ever mentioned how much I really hate flying? Well, I really hate flying. Don’t wanna do it. Gotta do it though. Oh dear.


So, I’ll be quite busy, picking clothes and things and packing what I can, so I can be ready to leave in eight days. wow.


Wish me luck!


I’ll be writing here about my training so don’t forget to check back or subscribe for updates.


Okay, start guessing. am I getting a Labrador, a golden or a lab/golden cross.