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Okay, I actually have two very exciting posts today. I’ll let this one be all about sweet Olga.

So, I interviewed several different people who expressed interest in adopting Olga. The last couple I met are an older husband and wife. They work from home. they are former puppy raisers for Guide dogs for the blind, GDB. They go for nice long walks every day. And, every May they leave for property they own on a lake in Michigan, spending the entire summer there. Olga likes them. and after much deep thought and prayer, I chose this lovely couple for Olga’s retirement.

This is sad for me. Olga is a special sweet dog, but she’s going to have an amazing life with her new family. She won’t be second or third in line for my attention. she won’t be left home all the time. She will be well lopved. Judy was in tears when I told her I chose them.

I am completely at peace with my choice. and they may even ask me to dog sit from time to time, once they get back from their summer. so, Olga won’t be completely out of my life, but by then, she’ll be thoroughly adjusted to her new life, and I’ll be bonded with Newie. that’s my temp name for my new dog, since I have no info about the dog. grin.

So, wish Olga well. and Read the next post!