Well, today was the home interview for my application with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, GEB. And man, what a huge difference from the one I had Sunday for GDB!


First of all, I should start with the horrible night I had. I don’t normally have nightmares. Last time I had the kind of Nightmare I did last night was sometime after my dad died. This was different but still terrifying. I kept dreaming that people snuck into my condo and were going to kidnap me as revenge for something unknown. My friend Joylene’s family in the dream lived next door to me, and I kept running out of the condo and screaming for her to help me. They don’t really live next door to me by the way. It finally woke me up and I didn’t sleep much the rest of the night. Must have been the nerves and stress of this whole guide dog training applying crap.


So, let’s get to the good stuff, the happy stuff, the positive stuff.


Michael Meteyer, from GEB, came to interview me this morning. We talked for quite a while. He asked my about my lifestyle and my physical conditiona nd special needs. He told me about their different types of training programs. Then we went out for a walk. He wanted to see me work Olga first and then we would do some Juno work.


I was nervous about working Olga, because she has some weird working habits, but she was on her game today, absolutely stellar, almost perfect work. Our pace was good, our crossings were excellent, and she only stopped once to go to the grass to pee. On the way back, she was less perfect, and did her usual routine of stopping every few steps, trying to go to the grass and acting like she had to pee, even when she didn’t, but other than that, the first half of the route was perfect.


after we dropped her off at home, Michael and I went out for a Juno walk. I held onto the harness handle and he guided me. we just walked down a straight sidewalk, while he tried different pace speeds to see what would be comfortable for me. He also tested my ability to correct and laughed delightedly when I did a nice correction with a firm No. “wow you’re fast. that was perfect” said he.


When we got back here, we talked more about what I need and want in a dog. they have mostly labs, but they have a few goldens and crosses, so I gave him my spiel, saying I know I need a special match in a dog, but that if there was a lab and an equally good match with a golden or cross, I’d prefer the golden or cross. Ont he other hand, Iw ouldn’t want to go on a waiting list for those breeds, since I have to wait for the right slow-paced easy to manage dog anyway.


I asked if he was going to recommend me for training and he just about gushed over how very much he is going to recommend me and what an excellent candidate I am. He’s recommending me for home training, or their program that does a week on campus and a week at home. I wouldn’t mind that, because I’ve never been to new York, but he knows that if I don’t work, I don’t get paid, so he’s recommending the home training.


Overall, the experience was amazing. So different from the way I felt after Sunday’s interview with GDB,a nd yet, the way it should have been with GDB. I feel so happy and positive today and about 90 percent sure they’ll accept me.


My doctor appointment is next week, and once that’s done, my application is complete. yay me.


I want to tyupe mor and more and more, to rave about the wonders of the interview. but I need to get back to work. gonna eat lunch and then go log in. I’m sure I’ll be gushing more later. I just feel so happy, so accepted and positive. It’s a damn fine feeling!


And oh yeah, not spell checked and typing fast, so excuse the mistakes!