I’ve been working on this doc, trying to come up with what I call my needs, wants and deal breakers in a new dog. This is what I want to remember to tell any rep of any school to which I apply. What do you all think?


New dog thoughts


Breed/gender preference

1. I have no gender preference. I’ve worked with both males and females, and both have been wonderful.


2. Breed preference. I really really really want a golden or cross. However, realizing that I always have to wait for the right dog, of course I will accept and love a lab. So, here’s the deal. If there happened to be two dogs who could be a match for me, and one was a lab and the other was a golden or cross, I’d want the golden or cross.



Needs and wants and absolute deal breakers:


1. Easy to manage


2. Initiative: able to learn new places quickly and remember them


3. able to learn quickly what kinds of surfaces and obstructions can cause problems for me and to watch for those. Such things include wheel chair ramps, driveway slopes, cracks or rough places in sidewalks, garden hoses. It is almost impossible for me to get up on my own if I fall, and such things can cause me to stumble if I hit them wrong.


4. Reliable and consistent off leash recall.


5. Excellent house manners




1. Affectionate, loving, cuddly, playful with a touch of silly


2. Type to bond very tight, likes other people but mostly wants me.


3. able to be comfortable under my desk for long stretches during the work day.


4. Good around children and other animals, particularly other dogs and cats.


5. Able to be comfortable around music that might be heard in places like church, live theater and some concerts.


6. Comfortable on possible long car rides.



Deal breakers:

1. Dog distractedness to the point of any lunging or hard pulling when working. A look doesn’t bother me, but reacting can cause me to fall.


2. Poor off leash recall. I have a yard and eventually want to be able to let new dog out there without having to worry that the dog will not come when I call.


3. Destructive house behavior. Lived with that many years with Bianca and had several emergencies both with me and with her raisers. never want it again.


4. No relieving in harness or in the house ever. Of course, unless a dog is sick, but other than that it is not acceptable.